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Truly believing in DAV Philosophy the amalgam of Vedic modern education , the school aims at holistic development of the students. We believe in preparing good human beings who in then will contribute their worth in the task of nation building.

Life is a beautiful rainbow that reflects the hues of gaiety and peace, contemplation and action, yearning and contentedness, experience and enthusiasm. Impressions,  experiences, grooming of childhood cast a life long influence on human personality.  Hence, the role of home, parents, school, teachers is crucial.  At DAVPS, Bilaspur(C.G.), we toil hard to furnish an atmosphere conducive to growth of every child. In synchronization with CBSE, CCE pattern guidelines -  academics, co curricular activities, life skills, moral education, adolescent education,  physical development through sports, yoga, NCC etc. find central place  in our curriculum. The students learn to shoulder the social responsibility through philanthropic feats undertaken by the school. Our vision is of comprehensive, holistic  grooming of child to enable him/her to develop his/her multidimensional faculties of  mind, body and spirit. It is a matter of pride for us to declare that the school has completed 35 years of  dedication to the cause of spreading the light of education in the society. In the span  of last 35 years, we have groomed global citizens with compassion for fellow human  beings and zeal for life, with understanding of practical implication of Vedic concept  of life in the contemporary era. Our students have excelled in various spheres as IIT  Medical profession, Engineering, Armed forces, I.A.S., Sports World, Corporate World etc.The combined effort of the school and parents is indispensable for a child's growth. We seek parents’ co-operation in our endeavour of shaping our scholar’s and  consequently our nation's destiny ! 
Welcome to the journey towards fulfillment.
With regards,
Mr. K. Parthipan
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BILASPUR, C.G.-495006
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